The Benefits of Baby Yoga

Welcome to the Deerbaby blog! In this edition we will explore Baby Yoga and why you should incorporate it into your baby’s routine. Here’s a look at some of the top benefits.

Improve Bonding Baby yoga, like many other activities you can do with your child, will help improve the bonding process. By taking the time out of your day to get your child active and learning with you, you can help build up a strong and healthy emotional relationship with your baby that will stretch far beyond your yoga sessions together.

Healthy Habits As your child begins to grow up, keeping yoga as part of your routine will help them in multiple ways. One of the most obvious is through helping them ultimately develop healthy habits and an active lifestyle that will encourage them to keep moving as they grow older.

Increased Flexibility Yoga is known for improving balance, flexibility, and overall physical control and wellbeing in practitioners of all ages. For your baby, this means healthy and happy development, and they’ll also be able to use yoga as a platform for learning.

All-Around Learning As your baby grows older, continuing your yoga sessions will teach them many things. You can use it as a platform for teaching about the parts of the body, the silly names of yoga poses, and more. Yoga sessions will become an excellent and relaxed time out of your day to simply connect with your child on a deeper level doing something they’ll enjoy.

Alleviate Discomfort Yoga, by improving your child’s physical flexibility, improving circulation, and promoting healthy digestive function, will help keep your baby comfortable in many ways. Regular yoga sessions can help your baby avoid certain digestive problems and others sources of discomfort, and it will also help them overcome many health issues they may face (stomach aches, colic, etc.).

Keep Them Active Being active and interactive with your baby during the day will help improve their sleep in the evening time, and it will also help them learn important skills for developing socially. As you use yoga as a bonding and learning tool, it can also be used to help them develop healthy cognitive function as you demonstrate the silly names of yoga poses and the movement of various limbs and body parts.

In this way, yoga sessions help to get your baby physically active and mentally active, which has a multitude of benefits in itself, such as improved circulation, speedy and healthy development, and more.

Please feel free to share below your experience of baby yoga and why you love incorporating it into your baby's daily routine.

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