The Benefits of Baby Massage

Welcome to the Deerbaby blog. In my first post I want to share with you some of the wonderful benefits of baby massage which convinced me to specialise in the subject and offer courses to new parents and babies.

The benefits of baby massage stretch into both the physical and emotional areas of your child’s life. In fact, it has been shown time and again how baby massage sessions can aid in the bonding process-especially for parents who may not be the primary caretaker of their child.

Relieve Digestive Issues Your baby is bound to suffer from digestive ailments at some point or another. Baby massage has been shown to help provide relief for colic, constipation, and other digestive problems that would otherwise cause them great discomfort. This will allow you, as a parent, to help your little one experience relief from these common issues by stimulating their digestive tract and helping them relax.

Improve Their Digestion In addition to using baby massage as a response when your child is experiencing digestive issues, baby massage can also be used to improve their digestion as a whole. This means you’ll be able to help prevent frequent digestive ailments while stimulating their digestive tract’s healthy function each and every day. This will enable your baby to be more comfortable and healthy.

Regulate Their Sleep Does your baby wake up randomly? Is their sleeping pattern off schedule? Do they have trouble getting to sleep in the evenings when you put them down to rest? Baby massage is an excellent way to help your baby relax before bedtime. A baby massage can be just the thing to add into your baby’s routine so that they will go to sleep soundly, and sleep more deeply throughout the night.

By incorporating a baby massage session into their nighttime routine around the same time each evening, you can improve their sleep (and yours) ten-fold!

Improve Circulation Good circulation is important to your baby’s health and development. Massage has been shown to help improve circulation in people of all ages, and it can prove especially beneficial for your little baby. By following the standard massage techniques, which are gentle and relaxing, you will be stimulating your baby’s circulation--both during the massage and with lasting effects that will improve it in the long-term as well.

Unblock Congestion With the right technique, you can even use your massage skills to help unblock your baby’s nasal passages and help give them relief from congestion. Facial massage will help keep your baby’s sinuses clear and keep them comfortable. It’s also a wonderful way to provide your grumpy baby with relief during a cold or sickness, and help get over the snotty noses faster.

Relieve Their Teething Pain Similar to how facial massage can unblock their nasal passages, you can also massage your baby’s face, jaw, and gums to help relief the pain associated with teething. When teeth are pushing through your baby’s gums, it is incredibly uncomfortable, and teething toys don’t always offer the relief your baby needs.

A teething massage can help your baby bare the pain as their first set of teeth begin coming in. A gum massage will also improve the circulation in their gums, which will contribute to better dental health later on.

In summary, baby massage can help with so many things, including bonding between parent and baby. We will be discussing the power of bonding in the next blog post.

Is there anything specific you love about a baby massage session?

Let us know in the comments below.

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