Safety Guidelines

Please read these guidelines carefully before you attend your first class.



Parents work with their own baby.

When practising with your baby, never rush or force anything. If you feel stressed or tense, just take a break and come back to the practice later. Always ensure that you feel safe, secure and confident in the way you are holding or working with your baby. Never do anything that you do not feel comfortable with.

If your baby is unwell, it is best not to attend the massage class. If your baby is crying excessively and cannot be comforted, he/she may be ill. Never practice on a distressed baby, or if your baby is limp, pale, has a temperature, or any difficulties breathing. Please seek appropriate medical help.
It is not recommended to practice within 24 hours of your baby’s immunisations.




Course Terms and Conditions



Deerbaby regrets that no refund can be given for a course/class missed, however, we will always endeavour to transfer the booking to an alternative date if possible.


Cancellation Policy

Deerbaby reserve the right to cancel a class without refund in extraneous circumstances – i.e. fire, flood or extreme weather. Deerbaby will always endeavour to re-schedule classes in these situations.



To secure a place in a Deerbaby class, payment is required prior to the start date of the course.  


Data Protection

Deerbaby follows the Data Protection Act at all times when asking for or handling your information including Personal data, which shall be processed fairly and lawfully. Data is processed only for the purpose(s) for which it was collected. Data is adequate, relevant and not excessive.



The following disclaimer will be available from your Deerbaby Massage Instructor to sign before or on the day of your first class.

I have read the above safety guidelines and will ensure that I adhere to them.

I take full responsibility for myself and my baby, and for everything that happens to me and my baby in relation to the Baby Massage class.

If I have any doubts, I will seek the advice of my medical professional before proceeding with Baby Massage classes.

I will keep the Baby Massage Teacher informed of any health issues that arise over the course of the classes, both for me and my baby.


Social Media Policy

Deerbaby will not post any pictures, video or messages on social media or online without full parental written consent. 


Website Privacy Policy
Among the types of Personal Data that this website collects, by itself or through third parties, are Cookies and Usage data.
The Personal Data may be freely provided by the User or collected automatically when using this website. Any use of Cookies – or of other tracking tools – by this website or by the owners of third party services used by this website serves to identify Users and remember their preferences, for the sole purpose of providing the service required by the User.




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